Blocks, Trucks + Art is offering Saturday + Sunday small group, semi-private Ramp Sessions starting December 1, 2018. Must be a Blocks, Trucks + Art member or sponsored child to participate in this Winter offering.

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“I really dig how Blocks, Trucks + Art is introducing kids who are new to the sport of BMX...Helping them see that there is no limit to what you can achieve...That is what BMX has done for me”
— Mat Hoffman / BMX Legend

Read about our Pump Track in the Sag Harbor Express

Must know how to ride a bicycle to enter our BMX program. 


Bring your own bike, helmet, sneakers, and a water bottle.


We also have BMX bikes we rent out, as well. 


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Read about our bike program in the    East Hampton Star

Read about our bike program in the East Hampton Star




Who is our bike program for?  Any child who can ride a two-wheeler, over the age of 7. No previous experience is required. (Girls are strongly encouraged!)

What do we teach during our sessions?  Entry level tricks, team camaraderie, maintaining the dirt pump track, and basic bicycle maintenance. 

Why BMX?  Learning to ride BMX helps children build core strength, balance, and boosts confidence. We aim to get kids off their devices, setting goals, and exerting energy in positive ways.

What is a Pump Track?

A Pump Track is a directional trail with rollers and banked turns throughout its design. This type of track helps teach riders of all ages important skills such as balance, gross motor skills as well as promoting physicality, all in a safe riding environment. 

How a Pump Track works

A Pump Track works by using a pumping motion with your upper and lower body to maintain your speed around the track without pedaling. Pumping is a riding technique that allows you to use the track to keep and generate momentum therefore eliminating the need for pedaling. Ultimately you will be able to ride a pump track without pedaling after some practice. 

It’s a great work out and lots of fun!


What a Pump Track offers:

  • Pump Tracks offer a great and safe environment to improve bike riding skills.

  • Pump Tracks will help you get a feel for how both the bike and your body move to maintain balance as you ride over the terrain (rollers, banked turns, etc..).

  • Riding a Pump Track will help teach you how to ride with more flow, speed and most importantly control.

  • The more you ride a Pump Track the more confidence you will gain in your riding.

  • Riding a Pump Track is great for both strength and fitness improvements.

Blocks,Trucks + Arts BMX Instructor Jeff Mayers riding history