While building and working with open-ended materials, children engage in sharing ideas, problem solving, negotiating, developing spatial awareness, and creative collaboration.  Such skills, which also organically develop social and language skills, are proven to produce our most flexible, powerful leaders and thinkers.  While Big Mama will return to her summer residency in the Hamptons this July, Angela continues to work/consult with schools and educators around the country to inspire their teaching and thinking about how best to engage our children in the learning process. The aim is for teachers and schools to participate in best practices: meaningful and developmentally appropriate work for children. If she can do this in an 18-wheeler, she often tells teachers, then they can introduce elements of this teaching in their classrooms. Her talks and professional development workshops encourage and motivate teachers to see the natural connections for teaching and learning within curricula and beyond.

In addition, she and her team can be hired to build alternative workspaces (based on the Blocks, Trucks + Art 48-foot trailer) for children in or on the surrounding property of schools, hospitals, camps, etc. Such workspaces will be used as an inspirational space for children to gather and collaborate while building, painting, and working with other open-ended materials to anchor their understanding of themselves as learners and members of our society.