Get involved today, so we can take our childrens educational program even further this year!


Blocks, Trucks + Art is seeking donations so we can do the following this summer at Hayground Camp:

BMX Program

Upgrades and expansion of BMX Tracks including:

  • A race track to teach BMX racing

  • Redesigned pump and jump tracks

  • Bring in professional BMXer's to work with children 

  • A bike workshop inside a 20' shipping container to teach bike maintenance and mechanics

DJ / Beat-Making Lab in the Trailer

Upgrades and expansion of our 18-wheeler including:

  • A sound lab + dance floor in our 48' trailer, complete with DJ stations, vinyl and CD music library, and listening stations.

  • Beat-making and DJ equipment to teach how to produce beats and mix records.

  • Bring in professional DJ's / musicians to work with children


Block Program

  • More blocks and art supplies to expand block program
  • An awning or tent to do blocks + art outdoors 
  • Bring in professional artist's to work with children 

Donations will go directly through Hayground Camp's not-for-profit (501c3) fund.

Click link below to donate now:


We are supremely grateful for your ongoing support, allowing us to expand the Blocks, Trucks + Art program within the community.


Thank You!

Angela, Jeff + Luca