Blocks, Trucks + Art would like to thank the following companies for helping to keep our program rolling:


Gabrielli Kenworth

A BIG thank you to Carlo Gabrielli of Gabrielli Kenworth for helping us with our wish list of new parts we need to keep the 1981 Kenworth K100 Aerodyne, aka "Big Mama" rolling! After 36 years and almost 1.7 million miles, she needed a few new parts...


Animal Bikes

A big thank you to Animal Bikes who donated all the parts for our "Big Mama" Brooklyn Machine Works BMX bicycle which we will be selling on our Kickstarter fundraiser in fall 2017.



Dah Shop

Thank you Tyrone, owner of Dah Shop Bikes in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the support!

Dah shop built our "Big Mama" Brooklyn Machine Works bicycle for us and will be assisting in our pop up BMX program this Fall in teaching children how to ride a bicycle as well as basic maintenance on a bicycle.