Blocks, Trucks + Arts creative team can design and build your space. 

Working in conjunction with a NYC architect and fabricator whose specialties include children's play/work spaces, we can work with you to create a unique, functional and inspiring space for children to learn, play and collaborate. 


Whether it is a classroom, the waiting area in a doctor’s office, or even the kid’s play room in your apartment building, Blocks, Trucks + Art’s creative team can transform any space into an inspirational children’s space based off our 48' mobile trailer.


Plus, Blocks, Trucks + Art can supply the blocks, art materials and any other items needed to customize a space that works for your needs.


Need More Space?

Blocks, Trucks + Art’s creative team can also be hired to build out a 20' or 40' customized shipping container. The shipping containers can be supplied with blocks, art materials and everything needed to open the doors and play...