Our Team

Blocks, Trucks + Art was founded by husband-and-wife team: Angela De Vincenzo and Jeff Mayer, inspired by their son, Luca.


Angela De Vincenzo


Angela studied at NYU and Bank Street College of Education. She discovered the power of blocks and the role in which these simple yet dynamic materials play in both teaching and learning during her tenure at City & Country School in Greenwich Village. Since then, Angela has worked alongside fellow educators to integrate unit blocks into the curriculum at The Chapin School, Packer Collegiate Institute, and many other schools, both private and public.  

A proponent of life-long education, Angela regularly attends as well as speaks at conferences and workshops, offering professional development. Angela’s teaching philosophy and methods, rooted in progressive education, led her to fulfill her passion to create Blocks, Trucks + Art.


Jeff Mayer


With 20 years experience in art and design, Jeff conceptualized and designed the vibrant mobile Blocks, Trucks + Art Big Rig, known fondly as “Big Mama.” Big Mama, which houses the mobile Blocks Trucks + Art program, provides a dynamic space that excites and stimulates both visually and sensorially.  

A pioneer in BMX with 25 years as a Pro BMX rider, who competed against the likes of Mat Hoffman, Jeff also gives instruction on bike riding. He introduced the bike program as a way to help build core strength, balance, confidence as well as pure physical release.


Luca Mayer


Luca’s passion for trucks (which began at 6 months old) was the reason his family chose to purchase an 18-wheeler for this project.

The 18-wheeler, which they christened Big Mama, is used by their family as a source of inspiration and learning for their son and children everywhere.

Paul Z

Driver / Tour Manager

Paul, a life-long truck enthusiast, had a career of over 40 years working as a truck driver across the United States. Now that he is retired, he spends his time taking care of Big Mama, and hauls the trailer, which contains Blocks, Trucks + Art’s program and materials.

Blocks, Trucks + Art uses the motto: Keep on Truckin as a positive mantra they use with their son, and all children who take part in the Blocks, Trucks + Art program.